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From: Roger Partridge <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Places in Essex and Old wills
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 12:54:06 +0000
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Hi Val & LIsters !

Most of these do not ring any bells with me, but I think you will
find that
Much Bardfield is an old name for Great Bardfield ? - I read it
not long ago, but cannot remember exactly where ? I think that Little
Bardfield also had an alternative earlier name ?

Best Wishes ! Roger.
On 26 Jan 2011, at 11:43, Val Jellows wrote:

> Hi all
> A bit of a long shot but I have been working on the will of the
> 10th Great
> -grand uncle of my husband - Gabriel JELLOWES - who was a yeoman in
> the
> village of Lindsell, Essex. It has the date 1621It would appear
> that he
> owned quite a lot of property in and around the area as he
> bequeaths a lot
> to family and friends. Even though I live in Essex, I have not come
> across
> the names of these places - although I am sure I have heard of some
> of them.
> Obviously some would be just the names given to fields and may not
> have been
> farms or estates. I just wondered if anyone has come across any of
> these
> places in their research.
> They are as follows:
> Paynters Farm, Stonyfield, Woodfield, Wiggerwade, Corlands, Kitte,
> Pullroos
> Field, Chipford, Arndells, Fangwells, Ceofield, Hedgerosee,
> Crowfield - Much
> Bardfield, Rooding Youldings - Little Bardfield
> Also the will is quite hard to decipher but fortunately another
> researcher
> did transcribe a lot of it some time ago - but the later part of it
> - about
> 3 pages was not done and this part appears to be totally in latin
> with fancy
> script titles like Probatum and In danomine Amen - is this normal
> and what
> could this part be about??
> Val Jellows
> PS there are many people mentioned in this will that are not immediate
> family - I will post a list later in case it helps any one

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