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From: La Greenall <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Essex Visitations
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2011 18:07:19 +0000
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Hi. This doesn't much help those of us in the UK as Google Books
restrict who can view what on their site. All of their listed copies of
The visitations of Essex are listed as either snippet view or no
preview over here, unfortunately.

A much better online book site - which has several volumes of The
visitations of Essex viewable online and even downloadable as a complete
book, even in the UK, is
See for example

Two small tips on using if you wish to download the
complete book as a PDF and the link on the left says 'digitised by
Google' then you'll be taken to the Google Books site and probably won't
be able to download it in the UK. If the link doesn't say this, then
someone else digitised it and you should be lucky. If you download the
full [plain] text version instead (useful for word searches, even with
the many OCR errors), then change (rename) the txt ending of the file
downloaded onto your PC to htm, as despite the claims the 'plain text'
is actually formatted (very basically) according to html (web page

But thanks for the pointer Shirley - you are right that these days there
is a vast number of absolutely invaluable books digitised online.
Imagine for a moment that someone needed to see a copy of the
visitations very badly; without the internet they'd probably have to
travel to their country's national library, or a leading academic one.

And how, if the book you want hasn't been digitised yet (or is not being
released by Google), do you find out which library holding it is the
nearest one to you? Go to and
when your book has been identified, below it will be listed all the
libraries with a copy, placed in order of distance from you. If the site
has your location wrong (it usually does the first time round) you can
correct it.

Both archive and worldcat also list CDs, articles, and much more besides
just books - see their home pages.

Happy hunting,

On 19/01/2011 14:49, podnsod wrote:
> I have not seen mention on the site about Books online. Google Books has the
> Essex Visitations, downloadable for all to see.
> Although I had already seen my St Pier(re)& other families many years ago
> in Salt Lake City in book form it's good to be able to see them in print
> again.
> On the site I simple put in the search box "Essex Visitations".
> Have a great day,
> Shirley O'Donnell
> Cape Coral, Florida
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