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From: thalauafu <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Nature's unkind hand
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2011 13:21:38 +1000
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On behalf of the thousands of Queenslanders who will neither see these
messages nor be able to answer them, because they have, in many instances,
lost everything they own, or, at the very least, have no power to operate
their PC's, I would like to say a huge thankyou for your thoughts and kind

I myself live in Queensland, and thank God that I am in an area which has
thus far remained unaffected by the horrendous flooding which has actually
been going on since a small cyclone crossed the coast line in Far North
Queensland at 5am on Christmas Day, and ever since, has escalated and
widened to the awful situation that is currently affecting Brisbane and many
other centres in the SE corner of the State. The worst that has happened to
us up in the Far North is that we are not getting normal food supplies
through, which is a very minor thing compared to our fellow Queenslanders
who have lost so much and who face the trauma of having to return to ruined
homes and belongings and start all over again.

I cannot personally even begin to understand how the hundreds of thousands
people so affected must feel as I am totally traumatised just watching it
all on TV day and night for the past 19 days.

God Bless every single person that this dreadful thing has touched.
Diana in Tropical Far North Queensland

On 12 January 2011 10:47, colleen <> wrote:

> You've echoed my thoughts, Michael. The ancestors of many of us in Essex
> migrated to Australia and a large number of us have family there. My
> thoughts are with the Australian people too.
> Colleen
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> From: "michael Daniels" <>
> > Evening Essex listers
> >
> > I am sure Elmo will understand my reason for mailing this off topic
> > message.
> >
> > Many of our rootsweb subscribers live in the Australasias and now we
> > see on our
> > TV screens the horror of what is happening to Queensland and northern
> > parts of New
> > South Wales. Just dreadful scenes, and what we have been experiencing
> > lately in
> > some regions of the UK, surely may pale into insignificance to what large
> > areas of
> > Australia's east coast is suffering.
> >
> > I have relatives and friends living in some of the places affected,
> > also remember
> > the helpfulness extended to us by listers who reside in regions that may
> > be caught
> > up in this catastrophe. Indeed, I believe that some have directly
> assisted
> > with my
> > family history enquiries.
> >
> > Thus I could not rest content until I could use this opportunity to
> > express my
> > deepest sympathy and concern, may I say our concern, for all our cousins
> > down
> > under, who in a variety of ways, could be affected by this terrible and
> > still unfolding
> > disaster.
> >
> > Michael Daniels
> >
> > On the English coast of East Anglia.
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