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From: Ruth Aylett <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Edmund DAVEY born about 1814 in Kelvedon?
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 17:24:32 +0000
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I see someone suggested he was shown as born Doddinghurst in one of the
censuses. So I wonder if there is a Kelvedon confusion here - there is also
Kelvedon Hatch which is a lot nearer to Doddinghurst.


on 27/12/09 13:43, JFHH at wrote:

> Hello Helen,
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>> Having rejoined this list after some years away I would like to say hello to
>> everybody, also Happy
>> Christmas and a Happy New Year.
>>> I have come up against a brick wall with my EDMUND DAVEY who, according to
>>> the 1881 census, was
>>> born in Kelvedon in 1814. I have not been able to find anybody like that
>>> on the IGI but there
>>> is a DAVEY family who were all baptised in the Congressional or Independent,
>>> Wethersfield,
>>> Essex.
>>> This is over 12 miles away from Kelvedon and I was just wondering if it
>>> might be the same family
>>> who had to travel in order to find a particular church. However, I was
>>> wondering if there was
>>> a similar type of church in Kelvedon itself which would suggest that I am
>>> looking at the wrong
>>> family although I cannot find another.
>>> Any advice or tips would be very much appreciated.> > Best wishes to all,>
>>> Helen
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> The IGI has very few Essex parish registers indexed, which is probably why you
> cannot find anyone
> there :-(
> Does he marry and have his children baptized in the Church of England? If so,
> it likely, tho' not
> 100%, that he was baptized in the parish church.
> Is his birthplace consistently Kelvedon through all the censuses?
> His marriage certificate [did he marry?] should have his father's name and
> occupation on it.
> Essex Record Office have some parish registers online - I do not know if
> Kelvedon is yet scanned and
> uploaded - try their web-site.
> Essex Family History Society have some parish register indexes - again try
> their web-site.
> There are some directories around for this period ... check to see if any
> DAVEYs in Kelvedon.
> Also check for the existence of any pre-1841 census records for Essex.
> Don't forget to search for DAVY as well as DAVEY, and for indexes, search for
> Edward as well as
> Edmund - often confused in transcribing handwritten documents.
> Also search for any known siblings.
> Searching the 1851 census fro DAVEY/DAVY born Essex will give you some idea of
> the frequency of the
> name in the county.
> Regards
> John Henley
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