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Subject: Re: [Ess] WW1 Army Records
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 10:47:46 EDT

There are two types of military records for World War 1 - the medals record
which don't really give much information and the pensions war record which
are quite detailed. Search for your ancestor on Ancestry then search in
the military section and find the British world war 1 pensions record. They
are very detailed if you can find one.



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I've found my Essex ancestors WW1 record on Ancestry & then checked on
National Archives & also found a record for him

My question is, would the NA record show anything extra than Ancestry?

The Ancestry record just has his Regiment & Regiment Number then Victory,
Roll & Page

Also, on the Ancestry record under British, it has a squiggly line - does
that mean he wasn't British?

I've never seen one of these records before & I don't really understand
I'm looking at

Thanks for any help

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