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From: Firebird <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Marriage - Help - Re Parker
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 23:30:17 +0100
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Ruth Meloche wrote:
> My Gr. Grandmother married a George Parker, her name was Mary Ann Parker,
> and my grandmother said they were cousins. On the marriage certificate it
> says that her father was William Parker (a Brewery Servant) and that is why
> I was able to find them on the 1951 census. As there were several Mary Ann
> Parker
> Birth certificates I sent for the birth certificate of a younger daughter
> Listed on the 1951 Census and it said her parents were William Parker (a
> Brewer Servant) and Mary Ann Parker, formerly Parker. That is why I wondered
> if they too were cousins.
> There is a FHC very close to me so that will be my next step.

The page images are available on FreeBMD. Just click on the info
symbol beside each entry and that will guide you the original.

If you want to order the certificate, you can order it using just one
name. You don't need to give both although you can. The disparate
references won't make any difference to the GRO. They'll check for
the right one if it doesn't agree with what they have on their system.
Order with one name and they'll issue the certificate. Order with
both and they'll only issue it if both names are on the certificate.

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