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From: "jennifer De Angelis" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Death records
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 19:41:57 +0200
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Hi Diana,

I think that perhaps heirhunters must use their own copy of the GRO index.
I have seen episodes of the programme in the past when on visits to family
in the UK and recall seeing them open a drawer, in their office, full of
what looks like green plastic boxes of micro fiche which I think could be
the GRO index. If I am right then they might buy more recent years of the
index as they become available to add to their existing collection of it or
else they subscribe to one of the online sites in order to access those more
recent years.

Jenny DeAngelis.
>>> Is it me or what? I saw on the TV programme 'Heirhunters' that when
>>> they
> investigate someone they always start off with the death certificate.
> Okay, I thought, I'll try that. So I accessed Ancestry to find the death
> records for some family members I am stuck on. I tried from their last
> known
> appearance (1938) until 1990. Well I found listings for Deaths from
> 1984-2005 and 1837-1915. Where's the middle section? How is it that
> Heirhunters
> have them and I can't find them? Although I think that some death
> records
> come up on Free BMD after 1915.<<
> Regards
> Diana

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