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From: "K&K" <>
Subject: [Ess] To All Essex List Members...
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 2009 17:51:36 -0400

BlankSorry I can't stay longer. The inevitable sorehead showed up and asked if I were (subjunctive case) "...INCAPABLE OF SENDING MESSAGES PRIVATELY OF [stet] JUST STUPID" He apparently doesn't know about punctuation and doesn't proof-read his work. He doesn't know about the caps lock/unlock key - or perhaps he just enjoys shouting.
Anyway, I told him first to get a life. The rest will follow. Now I hope Mr. List Administrator will ban me from the Essex List so that I don't make the mistake of joining again! It's a shame about that "one rotten apple" (you know who you are!) spoiling the whole barrel.
Enjoy your ancestors. Feel free to visit mine at

Mary Pattle Hover

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