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From: Christina Dixon <>
Subject: [Ess] Viewing Vital Records
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2009 12:23:31 -0700

Hi All,

We will be visiting London for the very first time in July and I want
to prepare properly. In my home state of California, you are allowed
to view vital records without purchase by checking the index and then
filling out a form, which is filled while you wait. It is very
beneficial for research though has its drawbacks. When I needed my
own long form birth certificate in order to obtain a passport, I
could view it, but was unable to have a printout made that day.
Instead, I had to fill out a different form on a different floor of
the same building, and then wait weeks for it to arrive (fortunately
in time for our trip).

Anyway, my question is this: Can you view vital records before
purchase and if so, where would you go to do this and can your order
up the documents as I have read you can do at the archives in Kew?

Christina Dixon

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