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Subject: Re: [Ess] DUGARD(E) - Bishops Waltham
Date: Sun, 31 May 2009 20:56:16 +0100
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It may well have been Waltham Abbey.

I've failed to find any refs to DUGARD here - except one: in the 1841
census (book 6 folio 25 pages 1 & 2) there was a large family of
"DUGARD"s (no final E) living on the north side of the market place:

William40 m Butcher
Ann 40 f
Thos 20 m
Henry 15 m
Mary 15 f
William15 m
James 12 m
Lucy 8 f
Richard3 m
Robert1 m
Henry 4m m

Don't forget that ages above 15 would have been rounded down to the
nearest 5 years, so Henry, Mary and William could well be aged anywhere
from 15 to 19 for instance, and William senior would have been born
circa 1796-1801, if the census data is accurate.

There was also a Henry DUGARD aged 14 at the Three Tuns, elsewhere in
the market place (book 6 folio 54 page 20), who I take to be another son
of the family, probably employed as bar staff or a stable boy (no
occupation was stated in the census).

All the children were born in Essex but neither of the parents were. As
Waltham Abbey is a county border town this isn't too surprising and
could well suggest that, in a wider context, the DUGARD 'home'
(geographically) was just over the border in Hertfordshire (less than a
mile away), or possibly Middlesex which is only 3 or 4 miles away.

I realise none of this helps with your aim to search back from the mid
18th century, but it does at least indicate the surname's presence here
soon afterwards. The out-of-county clue could also help with your
research - don't limit it to Essex!

I think I would use the IGI to plot a birthplace distribution pattern of
the surname, in say 25 or 50 year spreads, starting at 1800 and working
back. That might well help you to determine two factors; where they
spread from within this country, and whether they mysteriously arrived
'all of a sudden' in some spot or other, which would probably suggest a
foreign origin. I think of this technique as being a bit like a
speeded-up film of lichen growing on a memorial stone.

It might also be worth contacting the Huguenot Society, or whatever it's
called. I bet they'd have the surname in their database if they were
Huguenots (and the 18th century would be about the right timeframe for

in sunny Waltham Abbey.

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Hello John,
I think that you need to remove some confusion about place names. I
haven't dusted of my soap box for years:-) As Caroline has said, Bishops
Waltham, is I believe in Hampshire. Waltham Holy Cross and Waltham Abbey
are in fact the same town in Essex. Which are you in fact looking for?
As for your belief that the family originated in France, please give me

more details and I maybe able to help you.

Mick ( blisteringly, hot here, 42' )
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