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Subject: [Ess] seeking copy of early hand written Mayhew pedigree
Date: Tue, 03 Feb 2009 22:01:49 -0800

would some kind soul please do me a favor and help me track this

digging through my phd looking for another article, I came across a
xerox of a portion of an early Mayhew tree-a very small portion.
unfortunately I have no provinence on it, I can only say that it came
from a tome of some sort, and it is on page 99. I need at least page
98, and if there are previous pages with earlier generations, I'd
like those as well.

This isn't for me, but for a cousin in Australia. he'soff list and I
do most of the legwork. we descend from two different wives of our
common ancestor, Joseph Cross, the wife my cousin descends from is
Mary Mayhew.

thank you,


Oregon, USA

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