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From: "La Greenall" <>
Subject: [Ess] 1911 CENSUS - filtering results by placename
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 01:15:31 -0000
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Kevan is correct; the free initial search is very useful.

It brings up everyone with a particular surname in a given location,
with full names, ages, and years of birth.

Only the census registration district (RD) is given as their residence,
but if you suspect that a person lived in a certain town or village
within that RD, it is possible to confirm or deny this.

As an example, I searched for all GREENALLs in Waltham Abbey (Essex),
and got 12 hits.

I then tried for anyone of the same name in Cheshunt (Herts), which is
where my lot moved to Waltham Abbey from in 1902, in case any got 'left
behind'. I got zero results.

Having noticed the RD address field in the results, I then searched for
all GREENALLs in Edmonton (Middlesex), as that is the name of the RD
which includes both Waltham Abbey (Essex) and Cheshunt (Herts).

I got 20 hits, including the 12 from my first search.

Therefore it was possible to establish that the first xx people all
lived in Waltham Abbey, even though their residence was merely given as
Edmonton RD.

It is also evident that another 8 GREENALLs lived elsewhere in the RD,
exact place yet to be pinned down.


As a next step, it looks as though it might be possible to use the same
technique to drill down to street level and more: The help box related
to the placename entry field in the 1911 search page says "This field
draws matches from a number of other search fields: address, locality
name, institution name, vessel name, parish name, street name,
registration sub-district name, registration district name, and
registration county name."

If so, then entering a street name as well as a placename might provide
further filtering of results, possibly enabling, for example, people of
the same name but in different households to be grouped into their
households, assuming that they lived on different streets.

I tried this with my lot, and it seems to work. Eleven of my 12
GREENALLS still appear when I use "Wood Green Road, Waltham Abbey" as
the placename, indicating that one of them lived elsewhere in the
parish, and none appear when I try a different street in the town as a
control test, such as Sun Street.


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... I did a quick search for my Wilding lot in Romford,
using their 'FREE' search, and it is very useful even for no cost.


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