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The Crooked Billet is indeed a pub still serving the thirsty in the High
Street which is part of the old town part of Leigh.

Looking through various history books it seems there were many schools in
Southend during this period some based on religious affiliation or which
operated as small businesses. The National school (I believe this was a
Church of England undertaking) in Southend is mentioned as being started in
1855 though closed with 20 years due to lack of funds. At the same time a
non -conformist British School In the High St. had over 200 pupils on its
register at the same time. My books also mention that illiteracy rates were
around 60% at during the 1830-40 period so it is likely that many children
were unable to attend any school until non-denominational publicly funded
schools started in 1877 which incidentally lead to the closure of the
British school.



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Happy New Year to everyone from NZ,

Does anyone know if there are any records regarding the National School at
Southend for the period 1820's to 1860's. I have looked on ancestry for the
names of the schools in either Southend or Prittlewell for this time. My
JEMSON family was living in Southend at this time so I assume that the
children may have attended this school. The directory lists only the
National School, Southend, William McDonald , Master. Mrs Janette McDonald
was mistress of the infant school.
I have checked out SEAX for any records but there do not seem to be any for
this school.

One more thing, does anyone know what "Crooked Billet" is referring to? In
the 1851 directory for Leigh under WILLIAM HAY it has this written beside
it. The list is under tradesman. I am presuming it is a pub but thought
someone might know for sure.

Thanks in advance.
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