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From: Steve <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Which subscription?
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 11:54:49 +0000
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Just a thought, but perhaps she was not Marmont at the time of her
marriage, if she had been married before.

I have instances of brides who are widows who use their maiden name for
the marriage and others who don't and as you didn't (don't?) have to
prove who you are if she did not mention a prior marriage it could cause
some confusion.

As she was about 27 at the time of the first child's birth, perhaps
looking for an earlier marriage of Marmont (male of female) might give a


> Hi Dick,
> This is great news that you lived just around the corner to Lordship Park.
> Perhaps you could give us a few clues as to what schools or church this
> family would have gone to? What life was like around Lordship Park area?
> Yes I found the births on Ancestry and Free BMD and we bought the
> certificates.
> The Certificates are as follows - they state that father was Alfred Perry
> and mother was Ellen Perry (nee Marmont):
> Alfred Peter born: 7 June 1914 10 Eastborough, Scarborough
> Occupation of Father: "Of Independent Means"
> James Frederick born: 8 October 1915 18c Manor Road, Stoke Newington
> Occupation of Father: "Chartered Accountant"
> Helen Beatrice born: 30 March 1918 18c Manor Road, Stoke Newington
> Occupation of Father: "Chartered Accountant"
> Muriel May born: 22 March 1921 18c Manor Road, Stoke Newington
> Occupation of Father "Commission Agent"
> We have no idea who Alfred Perry senior was. We wonder if he was already
> married and therefore couldn't marry again. Ellen Beatrice Marmont was born
> 1887 in Hastings, Sussex. Her family came originally from Chepstow,
> Monmouthshire. The family story is that when Ellen's father married again after his
> first wife (mother to Ellen) died Ellen and the stepmother didn't get on and
> one day when she was a teenager (after 1901 census) Ellen was 'taken away by
> the gypsies'. Of course she could have gone away with anyone and we did think
> possibly a travelling circus or maybe music hall etc. But then she settles
> down with Alfred Perry and we only know this through the birth certificates.
> Why the couple were in Scarborough we don't know. I think we found 10
> Eastborough in the 1901 census and it was owned by someone called Sailes who let
> out rooms. Maybe they were there on holiday and the baby came? Or possibly
> Alfred Perry was a mariner? Perhaps Alfred travelled to coastal resorts
> i.e. Hastings, Scarborough but then why go to Hackney? That was our other
> thought. It has been said that most people settled in places they were used to or
> were born in so maybe Alfred Perry was from the Hackney area?
> Interestingly, when the first World war came Alfred was of 'independent
> means' which suggests he was well off. But then he becomes a father and by 1915
> changes his work title to 'Chartered Accountant'. A search of the Chartered
> Accountant lists proved fruitless so it has been suggested that he claimed
> this title to get out of being called up for the war.
> I have traced the family at Manor Road and 11 Lordship Park (they moved here
> after the birth of Muriel) through the Electoral Roll but in 1939 they
> suddenly disappear from 11 Lordship Park which coincides with the outbreak of
> WW2. We know what happened to Helen Beatrice Perry but nothing is known about
> her siblings or parents after that.
> If you can think of anywhere else we could try to look for these people I
> would be so grateful. Thanks for your interest.
> Kind regards
> Diana
> Re: Hello Diana
> I can't see a marriage in any quarter of 1912/13/14 using Ancestry's
> index page images.
> The child Alfred was registered Sep quarter 1914. I presume you have
> all of the children's birth certificates - what was the address, and the
> father's occupation, in 1914? And his occupation on the later ones?
> I'm curious because the family were in Stoke Newington after 1914, and
> stayed there for another twenty five years - so you might wonder what
> they were doing in Yorkshire.
> I grew up just round the corner from Lordship Park - genealogy is full
> of little surprises!
> Dick Mathews
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