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From: Firebird <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Publishing the Essepubs site
Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2008 20:44:32 +0100
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La Greenall wrote:

> My feelings on this are that, since the original registers will be
> copyright-free, the information in them is also copyright-free.

Surprisingly, the registers are *not* copyright free.

You cannot copyright facts, so the information in the registers being
facts cannot be copyrighted. It is the *format* which is copyright
and any transcription made of the registers has to have permission
beforehand: although, to be fair, this is rarely refused.

Copyright in the transcription then belongs to the person who made it.
If the transcription is to be published, on a website book or olther
format, most record offices will agree subject to certain criteria.

The record office I have dealt with insists the information is made
available freely and free of charge. It must carry a note that the
transcription is by permission of the <county> record office and that
since it is a transcription and may contain errors, the originals
should be consulted. They also ask for a copy of the transcription.

If any images of the registers are to be used, additional permission
needs to be obtain and notated appropriately. If the transcription
and/or images are to be used in a book that will be sold, additional
permission (and often a fee) has to be negotiated.

There isn't usually a problem so long as permission is sought in the
first place.

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