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Subject: Re: [Ess] can anyone help me please
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 11:30:29 EDT

Hi all,

I've found some family trees on Ancestry and one owner has Hester Jones
being born of parents Charles Spencer and Julia Jones (184401898). Hester is
down as being born in 1861 in Shepreth, Cambridge. In the 1861 Hester is down
as being aged 2 months, granddaughter to Rose Hannah (Sell) and Daniel Jones.
This time though it says she was born in Kelshall, Hertfordshire. Julia
Jones is one of the daughters and obviously had the child out of wedlock. Julia
is working as a Butcher's ......? for her father who is a butcher.

In 1871 census Hester is now called Esther (so could be useful for searching
for a marriage?) still granddaughter but her mother Julia is not at the
family home. Julia married Charles Spencer in Dec 1862 at Royston, 3a/298 and
went on to have Emily (1863), Rosa Sarah (1864), Lizzie (1866) and Charles E
(1878) - all living together in Thirfield (but not her first child
Hester/Esther) No sign of Hester in 1881 census - I wonder if she was abroad and married
Alfred abroad?

According to the tree there was a Violet Barrett born (no dates) sister to
Alfred and Arthur.

One of the trees has some lovely old photos of someof the family members.



Re: Hi Carol,

Since I wrote my earlier message to you I looked at the 1891 census and
found Alfred and Hester Barrett living at Leyton, Essex, they are living on
their own at this time without any children or other relatives. Hester's
birth place is indexed as Rushall Hertfordshire but looks to me on the
to be Kelshall, as you said before.
The ref. in case you don't have this entry is
RG12 piece 1348 folio 79 page 14

In the 1901 census Alfred and Hester are still at Leyton/Leytonstone in an
area called Harrow Green, which today is an area off Leytonstone High Road.
time Hester's birth place is given as Cambridge, (no mistaking that county
on the image), place name looks like Sheprett but I am not sure if that is
right. They have son Alfred aged 6 and Arthur aged 3 and the ref. for this
entry is RG13 piece 1613 folio 79 page 25

Jenny DeAngelis
>>I am looking for the marriage of Alfred Barrett 1866 born in Shoeburryness
>> later lived in Leytonstone which is where I think he got married to
>> Hester
>> Jones 1861 born in Kelshall
>> I have looked on the bmd index but cannot find a entry for them. They
>> had
>> 2
>> sons
>> Alfred Charles Barrett 1895 (my grandfather) and Arthur Barrett 1898

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