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From: "J K gen" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Regent Cinema, Waltham Cross
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 12:05:20 +0100
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My father used to tell some pretty strong tales about his patrons:
especially those coming to the Elvis films, who couldn't or wouldn't
behave decently. I believe he had a near perfect memory for faces, and
stood at the top of the steps leading from the street to the doors,
reminding some that they had been banned for "x days last Tuesday" (or
whatever). We used to have a collection of ferocious looking knives
etc which he had confiscated - the flick knife variety especially!
Most of these were handed in to Cheshunt Police station.

There were times when I had to take to my toes when confronted by a
recently banned brother/relative of a school friend/acquaintance. I
was a very fast runner in those days!

Father had great trouble keeping cleaners etc. and the company
(Shipman & King) didn't like having to pay the bill to replace seating
rather more frequently than was usual, because it was damaged
(deliberately) by patrons, who took to dancing in the aisles or on the
seats. I think his was the only cinema in the area which would deign
to show the Elvis films. Larry Dolan at the Embassy didn't like the
idea of his patrons falling from the upstairs balcony/restaurant
level, or throwing missiles from there to the stalls below. He didn't
do as much of the street advertising as my father - perhaps the Regent
had to work harder to get paying customers in!

The Embassy was the one with the children's matinee on Saturdays I believe.

There was another f*** p*t, the one near (what is now) Cheshunt
roundabout, sorrry my memory is not what it was and I've forgotten the
street names. Would it be college road - or is that after the A10?
Anyway that cinema disappeared much earlier than either the Regent or
the Embassy, it wasn't owned by Shipman & King, and was usually
referred to as the f*** p*t by those of us who went to the Cross.

Ah, those were the days - or not!

On Mon, Jun 16, 2008 at 11:42 AM, <> wrote:
> Hi JK,
> I'll have a look at the site later.
> Like Lawrence used to to to the Regent or the Embassy over the road about
> once a week.
> The Regent was the one I think where you had to be careful where you sat. If
> the actual pull down bit of the seat was luckily enough to be there, watch
> out because as you sat down and lent back, the back usually fell off !!
> We always called it " the f**a p*t" - sorry, nothing personal.
> Regards, Mick.

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