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Subject: Re: [Ess] Death and Burial records
Date: Sat, 8 Mar 2008 10:23:00 -0000
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Hi,When my aunt died ,and clearing up things in her home ,I found two small
box`s tried and tried to open one
Then successfully,it opened and out came ash (grey powder ) also inside two
small pieces of paper (out of local paper ) of two people who had died
These were of my grand parents ,so afterwards wondered if they were part of
there ashes
If they were I am sorry to say they ended up in the hover .
An old friend of mine always said when a person die`s his/her`s soul leaves
the body and all that is left is vessel,so why do you need to go to a grave
to mourn over them.
My father used to say if you cannot give flowers when the person is alive
,why give them when that person is dead .
Take them to a church or some where they will be appreciated by people alive
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> O'Donnell
> <snip> Every year on his birthday, Grandpa
> Dick's ashes come out of their pride of place, are placed on the table
> and
> they have dinner with grandpa Dick. They remember him with funny stories
> and
> my SIL recalls his childhood. Whilst some of us think it's weird, I
> happen
> to think it's keeping a memory alive and I am wondering when I am gone
> if my
> daughter will allow me the same privilege, I doubt it! When we look
> around
> and we see the way our cemeteries are allowed to go to rack and ruin
> this
> family are keeping their beloved ancestor close to home.
> Shirley from muggy Florida
> I just hope they have their drinks after the meal and not before - I
> dread to think what might happen if someone reached for the pepper in an
> inebriated manner...
> But you are right about cemeteries falling into a state as the memories
> fade away. I had to bury my dad 19 months ago, and our visits to his
> grave are already getting a little erratic. Personally, I wouldn't mind
> having a bit of cement and water added to me so I could be made into
> something useful like a brick. That way I could also become a bequest to
> my beneficiaries, especially if they were hoping to be left a nice house
> somewhere. Maybe I could be cast into my very own headstone. Now there's
> a thought!
> Lawrence.
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