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From: Spring <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Death and Burial records
Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 23:32:23 -0400
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Hi Heather

I do know an Italian lady in Colchester who keeps her late husband's
ashes in a bedroom, but I suspect that her daughter would want them
buried with her mother, in due course. At their request, my own
parents' ashes were buried shortly after their deaths, years apart, in a
grave in Eastwood already containing the remains of two of their
children who had died young.
Does the head stone give the name of anybody else buried in the same grave?

Peter Moll
British Virgin Islands

The Quineys wrote 6 Mar 2008 :
> Hello List
I've come across a gravestone anomaly - according to the headstone the
death occurred in 1974, however, the burial isn't registered until 5
years later in 1979. Initially, we assumed that the 4 and the 9 had
been misread on one or the other but today, I've verified that the death
really was in 1974 and entry in the burial register is chronologically
correct (the previous entry being the previous month and the subsequent
entry being the following month) in 1979.
> Reading the wording on the headstone (which I don't have to hand at
> the moment), it implies/states that here lie the ashes of the deceased
> (not the actual body). We are now wondering whether the person died
> and was cremated. The ashes were then held onto (by a member of the
> family?) for 5 years before finally being laid to rest in the churchyard.
> What do others think about the ashes being kept for 5 years (not
> personal opinions about doing such a thing) but is a reasonable
> assumption? Is 5 years an unusually long period to retain the urn or
> whatever? Is it actually quite common?
> Would appreciate your thoughs :-)
> Heather

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