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Subject: Re: [Ess] Church of Peculiar People
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 04:36:34 EST

Hi Gwyn,

I have never heard of 'The Peculiar People' - this is very interesting. My
daughter lives in Thundersley - I shall tell her about them.

The posts about this group reminds me of my husband's parents who belonged
to the MRA (think I have that right!) - can't remember what it stands for but
it was a church group that took people like my husband and the family on
picnics and trips to the countryside. I wonder if they were the same? My
husband's family - all based in Stratford, East London - never went to church but
this group always seemed to be visiting and taking them places and I remember
his mum feeling guilty because of their lack of interest in religion.

Kind Regards,


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