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Subject: Re: [Ess] CHATTERTON of Tollesbury
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What an amazing 'book of knowledge' our Colleen is. We wish her well in
her Harlow campaign. I would need to do some investigation into the
Chaddertons in Romford, as this is a bit before my time, although I do know
Romford well.
The first place to find additional information must be the Essex Record
Office, with the excellent online database - SEAX - ; just login as guest to browse this
fantastic resource.
My only knowledge of Tollesbury is for a Lagden, who was also an oyster
catcher, and the light ship which is a modern Christian resource centre for
those who wish to learn to sail.

As far as Pubs are concerned, the Essex Pubs site now includes all (most)
of London, Kent, Suffolk, Sussex and parts of other bits of London, e.g.
Surrey etc.
It is still a historical site only, (with a bit of advertising), and I
welcome any additions from anyone. The idea of the site is to link people /
families whom were publicans across a few different territories; but also
lists the workers and lodgers, in many instances,
Enough for tonight.

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The Chatterton family have been resident in the stunning little village of
Tollesbury - with its winding creeks, saltings, marshes and the ghosts of
old smugglers haunting the place - since at least the 17th century.

I understand that the name has had a number of variants including
Chadderton, Chatterton and Chatternoon. The church registers record two
children, Judith and Francis, born in the early 1700s to Francis. There
were 7 generations before the name was lost, the offspring being all girls.

There is evidence in a Will drawn up in 1667 of a Francis Chadderton of
Romford, innkeeper - so you need to ask good old Kevan Wilding of Essex Pubs

if he has any of this line as Romford or Tollesbury innkeepers - see the
following for others. The Francis mentioned as the Romford one's son appears

to be the first Francis to be recorded in Tollesbury - was he the father of
Francis and Judith?

The family business was oyster fishing, they owned three boats and various
layings in Tollesbury. They also owned a chandlery and, in the late 180s, a
banking service was run in the front room of their house, Dolphin villa
(still there), next the old Plough and sail (still there) in West Street.

Three generations have been involved with the Parish council and there will
be pictures around of these people I would think.

Adam Chadderton (your Adam?) had a sister Margaret who, in the early 1800s
was a woman of property with a part share in boats and the sole owner of the

Victoria Public House (still there) and with a share in cottages in Church
Street, known as the Graces - still there.

It is believed the family lived in the Graces until new houses were built in

West Street. One of their boats was named 'Pearl' which was the name one of
the Chadderton girls was known by.

There is even a creek named after the family.

The family were pillars of village life and supported the local
Congregational church, so you need to look at the Non-Conformist registers
for early members.

However, the oyster industry failed and Adam wrote to Elijah (his brother,
or father?) in France:

"A long, cold winter. We have lost a good many oysters through the frost. We

are not so bad as s Whitstable who have lost £50,000 according to their
report. The company have sold a good many."

The family has descendants of Vida, who was still living in the village in
2000, not sure if she's still there.

I can tell you a fair bit more when I have more time - and have some old and

current photos of Tollesbury and the houses/ pubs mentioned plus one of the
Chaddertons I'll look up you then.

Unfortunately, I'm rushed off my feet with work and co-ordinating Harlow's
Referendum Campaign at present, however, I expect to be clear of some of
this in about a week's time. Can you raise this query again then and I'll
have a look through my records for you.


> I am new to this list, and am busy trying to research my family. My great
> grandmother was Elizabeth Maria Chatterson and was born 19 Nov 1892. Her
> parents were Elijah Chatterson and Maria Banyard.
> I am at the moment, trying to get a feel for the life of her grandparents,
> who were Adam Elisha Chatterson and Maria Bowles. They were married in
> 1854
> in Maldon and had 6 children, namely:
> Elijah Chatterson (1863-1949)
> Emma Chatterson (1855-) she married Arthur Robert Dudley
> William Chatterson B 1867
> Maria Chatterson B 1860
> William Chatterson (1861-1862)
> Adam Polley Chatterson B 1857
> The whole family over about 3/4 generations were oyster dredges and then
> oyster merchants.
> What I am looking for is, if anyone has any information on names of
> schools
> that were around at that time, whom I could possibly contact to find out
> if
> my ancestors attended their school.
> Also, if anyone has any information about Tollesbury in the 1850's, or if
> someone could point me in the right direction. I have googled for
> information on Tollesbury in those years, but cannot find anything
> worthwhile.
> Many thanks to all of you,
> Kind regards
> Jackie
> (South Africa)
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