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From: "The Taylors" <>
Subject: [Ess] Priscilla Collison born December 1857
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 20:11:45 -0000

Dear All

Ever had that one character in your tree that you have difficulty finding
out anything about but you know darn well there is something there to be

I have the birth certificate (copy) of my gt,grandmother Priscilla Collison,
born Peldon District Essex December 1857 (registered Jan 1858)

She married a mariner Walter (also known as William, Wallace, Michael) born
1856. He was shown on various census as "at sea" and he died in 1901.

The marriage was registered in March 1880 BUT can I find any reference to
her in the 1871/1881/1891 and 1901 census?? No.

Why was my gt grandfather known by so many different forenames at various
times? Did he remain married to Priscilla? Did she leave and remarry or did
she (because Walter was always away), fail to complete a census
ennumerator's form ? If so why? My grandmother Susan Priscilla was born in
1883 and had the surname Watson.

Has anyone any suggestion as to where I might go?

I have asked this question in many quarters (and on this list before) but
years later I am no father forward.


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