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From: "JFHH" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Woods and Schumms in Hornchurch
Date: Sat, 3 Nov 2007 07:24:29 -0000
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Hello Catherine,
----- Original Message ----- From: "Catherine Woods" <>
> My grandfather, Herbert Arthur Woods, was born in Plaistow in 1890, but died
> in Hornchurch in 1971. If he was a member of St Andrew's Church, would he be
> buried there or is there another cemetery in the area?
> > My grandmother, Louisa Schumm, was born in Poplar in 1883, but also dies in
> Hornchurch in 1972. I'm wondering if there are still Schumms in the area.
> She did have one brother.> > > > Catherine W.

Is this St.Andrew's church, Plaistow or St.Andrew's church, Hornchurch where Herbert was a member of
the congregation?
[Curiously, my own grandfather and his family, though living in Ilford, went to St.Andrew's Plaistow
from before the first War until the mid 1930s.]
St.Andrew's Plaistow does not have its own churchyard: I do not know about St.Andrew's, Hornchurch.
Londoners, including that part of Essex known as 'London over the river', were/are notably fickle
about the choice of a place of rest for their dear departed. Particularly if they had recently
moved, the dear departed might be returned to whatever the family regarded as 'their' cemetery.
If they regarded themselves as part of a particular church, then the funeral service might well take
place there, before burial or cremation elsewhere.
By the 1970s cremation had become increasingly common.
For the 1970s it might be worth checking local undertakers: they normally keep good records. Google
for Hornchurch + undertakers/funeral directors.

John Henley
(still catching up on masses of emails )
and researching (and not finding much time for - but always very glad to hear of any)
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