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From: Charani <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Half baptisms
Date: Wed, 13 Jun 2007 10:29:22 +0100
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David Lamb wrote:

> Not quite right, Charani :-) Baptist churches are not like (say) Anglican
> churches, in that each local Baptist church is autonomous, so in a matter
> such as naming and blessing services, you cannot really say that "The
> Baptists" have them; some Baptist churches may, others may not. I must say
> that in my 37 years as a Baptist, I have not come across a Baptist church
> that holds a special service for newborn children (though of course some may
> do so). The nearest I know of is that some Baptist churches, as part of an
> ordinary service, include a thanksgiving for a child recently born to two of
> its members.

I sit corrected :))

> Also, most Baptist churches do not hold to "adult baptism", but to baptism
> of believers, which means they do not baptise babies, but there is no
> specified lower age limit. Baptist view baptism as a sign which follows,
> after a person has come to personal faith in Jesus Christ.

I wouldn't have said 13 was adult even though the 13 year old may
consider him/herself adult! :))

Saying "adult" and "child is deemed old enough" in the same sentence
is something of an oxymoron in actual fact :))

I wouldn't make a good Baptist because I don't believe my personal
faith is Jesus Christ, or in God, is strong enough. That's why I was
never confirmed even though my parents tried to insist I was when I
was about 16. To me, it was hypocritical, esp as neither of my
parents ever went to church except for CMBs! Yet I go to church

Charani (UK)

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