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Subject: Re: [Ess] Local Libraries
Date: Sat, 19 May 2007 15:53:31 EDT

In a message dated 19/05/2007 17:09:25 GMT Standard Time,

I'd agree about the lack of facilities at ERO, but it does have the
advantage of a less than 5 minute walk along the canal side path into the town
centre, with 4 or 5 eating and drinking places right in front of you, ranging from
a sandwich shop via pubs to a couple of full blown restaurants.

Unlike some records offices that are on the outskirts of their town, with no

I'd agree with you about the closeness of the town, but I feel it's worth
warning anyone wanting to go to the ERO that facilities *are* limited. It's easy
to get heavily involved with looking for ancestors and it's a good idea to
have a few minutes away from staring into a screen, on health and safety
grounds if nothing else.

At least, if an ERO newbie knows in advance that the facilities are
restricted then they have the opportunity to decide in advance whether to bring
something in when they arrive or to go out to find something during the day.

I also seem to recall seeing a notice to the effect that a mobile sandwich
van calls at the ERO Monday to Friday - I can't remember the times it arrives
and departs though.


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