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Subject: Re: [Ess] Leyton, Woodford and Walthamstow Burials and MIs
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2007 17:54:53 -0000
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To all the listers who have replied. Thank you. You have been kind and

I have to add that my G G Grandfathers death in 1878 is simply recorded as
being in "Walthamstow". His wife who predeceased him died in the Bakers'
Alms Houses in Leyton. Their daughter-in-law was present at his death but
otherwise I think he might have died wandering around

And I have just enjoyed the England v France match!

Michael Allbrook

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Subject: Re: [Ess] Leyton, Woodford and Walthamstow Burials and MIs

There are only two council cemeteries in Waltham Forest, Queens Road and
Chingford Mount. The records for both are at Chingford Mount.


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Subject: Re: [Ess] Leyton, Woodford and Walthamstow Burials and MIs

I think you will find that the PRs for Leyton and Walthamstow could be held
> at the Vestry Museum Walthamstow which is the local repository for the
> London Borough of Waltham Forest.
> Unfortunately the museum is only tiny and only has a couple of staff, as I
> understand it, they don't have the facilities to offer a research service
> so you need to either go in person to look at the records or else get
> in the area to go for you. But you need to have an idea of where and when
> the people you are after died to give you some idea of where they could be
> buried, otherwise, as you say, there are a lot of church records to be
> gone through looking for burials in the churchyards plus the cemeteries.
> parish Church of Leyton is St. Mary's and Walthamstow has the parish
> church of St. Mary's too, which is very close to the Vestry museum. But
in both
> towns there are many other churches of all sorts of denominations so you
> need to find out where the people died first to give you a starting point
> where to look.
> Remember to that the City of London Cemetery, in the Manor Park area of
> the London Borough of Newham, is not so far away and many people from
> and Walthamstow could be buried there too, as well as other cemeteries
> the general area. You don't have to be buried in the parish where you
> die, you can be buried anywhere your family chooses for you or where you
> stipulate you want your remains to be put after your death.
> Most old churchyards were pretty full, more or less throughout the
> country, by the mid 1850s, as I understand it, and this is when cemeteries
> into being to take the overflow. Many of the old churchyards were then
> and only allowed burials of family members in an existing grave of earlier
> members of that same family.
> Alternatively you could try to find out the contact address or phone >
> perhaps e.mail too, of the Borough cemetery office via the local council
> website, search for London Borough of Waltham Forest and look for the
> local council site and search that for Cemeteries. Also try to find the
City of
> London cemetery contact details, it could be worth investigating.
> If you can get over to the area, the little vestry museum in Walthamstow
> is worth a visit and a visit to the churchyard of St. Mary's about 100yds
> away,with the little row of Tudor houses opposite. This part is now >
> Walthamstow Village by the people who have moved in and bought up the old
> houses thereabouts. The whole borough is not what it was and desperately
> needs the 2012 Olympics in the area to give it the facelift needed.
> Woodford joins onto Leyton at the edges of Epping Forest so you could find
> an overlap between the two if your family lived on that edge of Woodford
> rather than in Woodford proper.
> Jenny DeAngelis.
> Spain
>> Does anyone know if there is a listing anywhere of the Burials and
>> Memorial
>> Inscriptions for these three areas?
>> I know that the NMI does not include them, or at least not the names I
>> seek.
>> The staff at Chingford Cemetery are very helpful but there are a lot of
>> possible Churches as well.
>> Michael Allbrook
>> Surrey
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