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From: "Jeannie Hodkinson" <>
Subject: [Ess] SKINNER b. Maldon or Little Waltham 1798 (Carole)
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 00:41:12 +0800
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Hello Carole

Thank you so much for that information. You know I hadn't thought of that
but you could be so right. Even now the Bakers start so early and I even
know one who works all night. Also the fact that he has gone to Bethnal
Green is interesting as our Skinner (Baker) married in Bethnal Green and
they lived there - the plot thickens eh!

I really appreciate your help and a friend is visiting Essex from Australia
in February time so if by then we have found nothing she may take a look for
us (hi Susan):-) The friend I am helping also lives in Hampshire (my old
home town before coming to Aus) they live in Botley but are just starting
out so I am giving them a helping hand to get them started - they have gone
back quicker than some of my own!!

I am now going to see if I can see who Mrs Hobbins is - maybe married a
Skinner??? I will also take a look at your information - great thinking!!

Thank you so much for all that informatioin Carole, it's really appreciated.
I will let you know if and when we sort anything new out.

Incidently, did you see the George Skinner (1851) a shoemaker with wife Mary
also born Little Waltham? Wonder if he is related too - quite possibly eh!.

We have almost certainly proved that the William Skinner 63yrs(a baker) on
the 1861 census with wife Elizabeth is our Skinner living Bethnal Green
(Peel Street) - with him are the Gawen children (mother was a Skinner) -
their mother and father died very early (so sad).

Many thanks again.

Best wishes

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From: "Roy Woolley" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] SKINNER b. Maldon or Little Waltham 1798
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 15:31:01 -0000

>Dear Jeannie,
>I was initially interested in your William SKINNER problems because I have
>a few Skinners on my tree. The earliest one is William SKINNER b.1826 wife
>Mary Ann (UNKNOWN) b.1838 Great Waltham -Bricklayer,wife Mary Ann (UNKNOWN)
>b.1838 Shenfield. I did this bit a while ago so I went into Ancestry and
>had a look at all William SKINNERs b. Essex in the 1851 and 1861 Censuses
>and found the entries to which you refer and a few more.
>If you look in 1851 for William SKINNER Serv.,Mar, 53 Baker b. Essex Watham
>(I am sure they mean Waltham -one or the other - but the accent leaves out
>the letter L) - no wife there or family for him - at 281, Bethnal Green Rd,
>Bethnal Green - you will see that he is working for a Mrs M Hobbins (I
>think it says) a widow, Baker b. Shadwell Middlesex. To find him at all
>you need to put in only his name and b. Essex because although it clearly
>(to me) gives his age as 53 it has been entered in the index as b.1818
>Then looking at the entry that you have already found in 1851 you find
>William Skinner, same name, same age, same profession but born Maldon
>Essex. Now his wife was b. in St George in the East (Middlesex ) and all
>the children the same and there is a lodger from Little Waltham (a friend
>of the Head of the family?) and another from Scotland.
>My theory is that being a Baker they worked very early in the morning 2 or
>3am or maybe starting at 10pm the night before. I feel that the wife
>filled in the form or told the enumerator in his absence (in bed during the
>day?) and gave Maldon as his birthplace in error. She is unlikely ever to
>have been to Essex even! This is 1851and he would have left his village
>and gone to London and found her there some 30 odd years earlier. I think
>your man and the one working for Mrs Hobbins are one and the same chap! He
>would have had to tell Mrs Hobbins where he was born and he said Wa(l)tham.
>She included him in her entry because he was actually there for at least
>part of the night -so he got into the census twice - a not unheard-of
>In 1861 there is a William Skinner 37, Shoemaker b. Little Waltham living
>Gt Waltham with Eliza. He COULD be connected.
>Also William SKINNER 32, Ag lab.b. Gt Waltham living Mountnessing Essex -
>mine I think
>In 1861 YOUR man says b.Little Waltham.
>So------I think you need to look in Little Waltham P.Rs for the birth of
>YOUR man. Great Waltham and Little Waltham are so close together that
>there was bound to be movement between them - so who knows - YOUR man may
>be a relative of my William SKINNER b 1826.
>I wish I lived closer to Essex Record Office and could offer to go and have
>a look at the P.Rs for both of us - but alas, it's a long way with the M25
>in between.
>Good luck - do please let me know if you manage to get anywhere with this,
>as I would love to know if my theory is correct.
>Carole J Woolley (in deepest Hampshire U.K.)

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