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From: "Roy Woolley" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] SKINNER b. Maldon or Little Waltham 1798
Date: Wed, 22 Nov 2006 15:31:01 -0000

> Dear Jeannie,
> I was initially interested in your William SKINNER problems because I have
> a few Skinners on my tree. The earliest one is William SKINNER b.1826
> wife Mary Ann (UNKNOWN) b.1838 Great Waltham -Bricklayer,wife Mary Ann
> (UNKNOWN) b.1838 Shenfield. I did this bit a while ago so I went into
> Ancestry and had a look at all William SKINNERs b. Essex in the 1851 and
> 1861 Censuses and found the entries to which you refer and a few more.
> If you look in 1851 for William SKINNER Serv.,Mar, 53 Baker b. Essex
> Watham (I am sure they mean Waltham -one or the other - but the accent
> leaves out the letter L) - no wife there or family for him - at 281,
> Bethnal Green Rd, Bethnal Green - you will see that he is working for a
> Mrs M Hobbins (I think it says) a widow, Baker b. Shadwell Middlesex. To
> find him at all you need to put in only his name and b. Essex because
> although it clearly (to me) gives his age as 53 it has been entered in the
> index as b.1818 i.e.33.
> Then looking at the entry that you have already found in 1851 you find
> William Skinner, same name, same age, same profession but born Maldon
> Essex. Now his wife was b. in St George in the East (Middlesex ) and all
> the children the same and there is a lodger from Little Waltham (a friend
> of the Head of the family?) and another from Scotland.
> My theory is that being a Baker they worked very early in the morning 2 or
> 3am or maybe starting at 10pm the night before. I feel that the wife
> filled in the form or told the enumerator in his absence (in bed during
> the day?) and gave Maldon as his birthplace in error. She is unlikely
> ever to have been to Essex even! This is 1851and he would have left his
> village and gone to London and found her there some 30 odd years earlier.
> I think your man and the one working for Mrs Hobbins are one and the same
> chap! He would have had to tell Mrs Hobbins where he was born and he said
> Wa(l)tham. She included him in her entry because he was actually there for
> at least part of the night -so he got into the census twice - a not
> unheard-of occurrence.
> In 1861 there is a William Skinner 37, Shoemaker b. Little Waltham living
> Gt Waltham with Eliza. He COULD be connected.
> Also William SKINNER 32, Ag lab.b. Gt Waltham living Mountnessing Essex -
> mine I think
> In 1861 YOUR man says b.Little Waltham.
> So------I think you need to look in Little Waltham P.Rs for the birth of
> YOUR man. Great Waltham and Little Waltham are so close together that
> there was bound to be movement between them - so who knows - YOUR man may
> be a relative of my William SKINNER b 1826.
> I wish I lived closer to Essex Record Office and could offer to go and
> have a look at the P.Rs for both of us - but alas, it's a long way with
> the M25 in between.
> Good luck - do please let me know if you manage to get anywhere with this,
> as I would love to know if my theory is correct.
> Sincerely,
> Carole J Woolley (in deepest Hampshire U.K.)
> Researching:-
> Brittain, Bush, Perry and Tween in Essex
> Byer in E.London & Hanover
> Salter in St Geo in E.,Middlesex
> Fairweather & Lacey in Suffolk
> Fussell and Monks in Glos.
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> From: "Jeannie Hodkinson" <>
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> Sent: Saturday, November 18, 2006 12:01 PM
> Subject: [Ess] SKINNER b. Maldon or Little Waltham 1798
>> Hello everyone
>> I am trying to help a friend with some family history and although I have
>> searched Ancestry and familysearch etc. I am stuck.
>> Does anyone have any idea where I can find the birth of a William SKINNER
>> born c 1798 who was listed on the
>> 1851 census as born Maldon (age 53yrs - a baker) and then on the
>> 1861 census born Little Waltham Trade: Baker
>> 1841 census he is living with wife Elizabeth living in Bethnal Green and
>> states he is born in the county - not ideal is it!!!:-)
>> Any help would really be appreciated.
>> Thank you
>> Jeannie in Australia
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