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From: "Jenny De Angelis" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] RE; Victorian occupations
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 12:48:03 +0200
References: <008201c6d09f$ce89c270$8205b8cb@D6VMBD1S><>

I think it might be that a fireman in a colliery was someone who handled the
explosives used to break through the coalface, I seem to recall having seen
something about this occupaton on one of the lists covering Co. Durham.

You could subscribe the one or other, or both, of the Rootsweb lists that
cover County Durham and ask on there about this occupation to be sure. this is the page for Rootsweb
lists covering England, look here for lists named DUR-NBL and Northumbria
these both cover County Durham.

Steve wrote.

<<> I had a ggggg uncle in County Durham who is described as a Colliery
> Fireman on the 1851. I think for it to be a specific job it was the stoker
> of the boiler. At that time, if there was a fire at the colliery it would
> be, literally, all hands to the pump.>>

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