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From: "Sue" <>
Subject: JUDD FAMILY - Matching
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 09:07:54 +0100

Hi Chris, I am sorry to say I was not successful in finding Susannah, but I
believe I have lots of her rellies and hopefuly this info made be some use
ot you or other listers, so I will post it to the list.

first trance of info all relates to MATCHING parish registers
Feb 22 or 23rd looks like Lizzey or Lizziy, def ends in y , daughter to John
and Jane Judd

1820 bap. Daniel son of John nad Jane Judd , father occ labourer

1823 March 20th Samuel son of John and Jane Judd


1841, aged 64 John JUDD

Baptisms cont

1846 Mary Ann dau of Samuel and Jane Judd

1849 June 24th, Elizabeth, dau of Samuel and Jane Judd

1862 Alfred son of Samuel and Jane Judd Feb 15th

1846 March 2nd John, son of Jane Clayton ( then says either -now or was)

1855 June 10th Sarah dau of Daniel and Susan JUDD

1855 Nov 11th Elizabeth daughter of Samuel and Susan JUDD
1857 Emma dau of Samuel and Jane JUDD
here ends the fiche for christenings up to 1858

1813-1877 fiche

1841 John JUDD Buried Aug 29 Aged 64 ( as prev listed)
1845 Martha JUDD 9 ( yrs of months, can't tell) Jan 19th
1847 Frederick JUDD May 2nd, infant
1850 Jane JUDD Feb 21dt 66 yrs
1851 Esther JUDD May 25th aged 3 months
1856 John JUDD Jan 2nd 1856 49 yrs
Eliza JUDD Feb 3rd 1856 5 months
Esther JUDD, ( 1 or 7 ) ys April 5th 1860

from 1813 forward fiche

William PERRY to Mary JUDD Banns 1834 Dec
Marriage Samuel JUDD to Jane Claydon, fathers name John JUDD 1 witness


1844 10 Nov



1858 April 4th Esther dau to Daniel and Susan JUDD
1860 July 5th Charles son of Daniel and Susan JUDD

Sept 22nd 1861 William son of Samuel and Jane Judd

1862 Feb 23rd Bap George John son of Daniel and Susan JUDD

March 23rd 15th Emily son of Daniel and Susan JUDD
1865 Ellen dau of Samuel and Jane JUDD
1865 Sept 24th William Danile son of Daniel and Susan JUDD
1877 Feb 18th AGED 26YRS Susan, wife of G Perry daughter of Daniel and Susan

18882 Arther ( then says Grays of Stays- poss family old surname) son of
William and Emily JUDD

1867 Aug 21st Born July ( looks like 3rd 1867) Alfred John baptised
privately ( d/k what that means) son of Alfred and Eliza

Then looked for Susannah in LIttle Hallingbury
No birth 1690-1812, 1813 - 1835
however a letter has been laid over the copy of the register and then copied
to fiche and it obscures 3 pages of the register!!!) covers the period from
Nov 1817,

If all these JUDDS are no relation I hope someone else claims them!

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