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Subject: Re: Re 1831 Census
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 20:48:18 +0100
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Yes there are quite a few of these early censuses for Essex. They have been
gathered together and transcribed on fiches sold by the Essex Society for
Family History - see their website. I think they maybe survived because
someone locally kept a copy whereas the ones sent in to the govt office were
just used for statistical purposes?
There is an early one for Saffron Walden, for instance - someone thought it
useful enough to hang on to a copy and keep it in the town.
There are other listings that have nothing to do with the official census,
and as you say you might be lucky. In SW for instance they made a list of
all the families that qualified for a free dinner for Victoria's coronation
in 1838. In 1832 the vestry made a list of all the men who were in regular
employment (as opposed to casual labourers). I guess this is not much help
unless you're able to visit the ERO in person.

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> There were British censuses carried out every 10 years from 1801 -1831,
> although quite often, as Steve has mentioned, they were just basic
> headcounts. However, some did show more than this, and in fact a good
> example is the St John Hackney 1831 census (sold on CD by the EoLFHS)
> which details such items as name, address, house number and occupation.
> If you are very lucky, you may come across even earlier mini censuses of
> certain Essex Parishes. While recently searching through some uncatalogued
> items at Essex R.O. I found a listing of 'all persons living in Great
> Leighs between the age of 15 & 60 years' which had been taken in February
> & April 1798. It in fact listed males only, with their occupations, and
> then a 2nd list mentions males over the age of 60.
> Duncan, Dundee
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