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From: "Colleen" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Re: FILING
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2006 13:01:56 +0100
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Yes, that's the one. I'm not connected to them in any way and don't have
shares in the company, by the way! Last time I looked the hard copy of their
catalogue was much more comprehensive than their website which seemed a bit
restricted. Their stock seems tailor made for family historians, they have
so many different shapes, sizes and styles available to accommodate a wide
range of different documents, postcards, photos, medals and mementoes etc.
As already said, one of the ERO conservators checked them out for me and
said their acid free collection is of the required archival quality. They
aren't cheap, but none of this acid free stuff is, I found them the most
reasonably priced. They don't sell boxes though, I bought those from a
wholesaler through a photograph dealer I know. You do get discounts for bulk
orders and I recently ordered some protectors and files from Arrowfile and
got an additional 10% discount, not sure if this offer is still current


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From: "Steve" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Re: FILING
> Would that be ?
> Steve
> Colleen wrote:
>> Interesting Kay. I'm particularly interested in the prices of those boxes
>> the LMA sell - do they sell photo and document protectors too? I've
>> recently bought acid free boxes and a lot of archival quality acid free
>> protectors in various shapes and sizes for my pictures and important
>> documents. I spent quite some time shopping around as I needed such a lot
>> and the stock of many of the specialist suppliers is hugely expensive. I
>> got what I thought was the best deal on protectors from a company called
>> Arrow File. The conservation department at the ERO advised me that AF's
>> materials were of the museum quality that AF claimed them to be too,
>> which was great as they seemed the least expensive of the companies
>> specialising in this stuff. I didn't even consider the LMA, but will
>> check them out next time.
>> Colleen
>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Jay Kay" <>
>>> Having spoken to Conservators and Photgraphic Technicians at the London
>>> Metropolitan Archives (where the storage problems put mine into the
>>> miniscule category), I know the value of hard copy. Any modern form of
>>> data
>>> storage becomes outdated quite quickly, how long ago did one see 5 inch
>>> discs for example? Their advice is store hard copy originals of
>>> everything,
>>> in archival quality containers, having made a working copy to use
>>> daily/weekly or whatever. Never wander around with the "master" copy,
>>> either
>>> at home or at the research place.
>>> LMS sells a series of boxes in a variety of shapes and sizes made from
>>> archival quality card, which could be used for most documents/ books
>>> etc.
>>> not sure if other Archive departments have similar services. They also
>>> do
>>> occasional "how to keep your documents safe" talks which are worth
>>> attending
>>> if you can. There's certainly been a couple of talks at the SoG in
>>> recent
>>> months.
>>> For what it's worth, I have some scanned images onto the computer (some
>>> only
>>> because I'm in the middle of doing it!), an A4 ring binder with the
>>> original
>>> certificates - this is about to be superceded by a larger box/ring
>>> folder as
>>> I need more space. And ring binders containing print outs of relevant
>>> research data to the main branches of the family. I recently did a
>>> weeding
>>> job - how many old copies of the IGI do you still have? despite the fact
>>> you
>>> always now look at the LDS site on the web? Ditch the copies - you've
>>> extracted all the necessary information anyway - haven't you!?!?
>>> I use a word processing program for census returns and notes, and a
>>> family
>>> history program for most everything else. And I back up, back up, back
>>> up as
>>> often as possible.
>>> Black laser printer copies last longer than colour/black inkjet - I
>>> don't
>>> know why. Photocopy quality paper is satisfactory for long life too, I
>>> don't
>>> know why that is either!
>>> One final process I'm working on is a database which contains a
>>> reference
>>> and description of every original document/item I possess, together with
>>> a
>>> note of where it is stored. This is a huge job, and I only started it
>>> recently, following advice from the Conservators. I do believe it's
>>> worthwhile, but wish I'd known about it at the beginning, then the task
>>> wouldn't seem sooooooooooo huge!
>>> HTH
>>> Jay
>>> On 6/15/06, Colleen <> wrote:
>>>> How do you stop yourself keeping the hard copies too? This is my
>>>> problem,
>>>> I have to keep my hard copies. Don't ask why, there's no rational
>>>> explanation
>>>> for it!
>>>> Colleen
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>>>> From: "Peter_Holly" <>
>>>> > I actually use a scanner to scan any hard copies (census's etc)
>>>> and > burn
>>>> everything onto a DVD.
>>>> >
>>>> > Regards
>>>> >
>>>> > Holly
>>>> >
>>>> > Sydney, Australia
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