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From: "Nelly Reedhead" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] FILING
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2006 17:35:40 -0400
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My filing is all on the dining room table. Its OK there until Christmas, or
maybe until the kids come home in July...but only if it rains. We can eat
on the patio when the weather is good.

I have three ring binders. Huge ones! The D ring are the best. One for
each of my husband's grandparents, so that makes four. Each binder has
dividers for each family name as I find it and some are getting really
really full. In theory once some info has been added to my computer family
tree, the papers get filed. In reality...its not Christmas yet is it? Now
I find that I need binders for each county as general info about each one is

I also have stacks of paper beside my computer...when will this ever end???/

For documents that I have paid big $ for, I have an acid free plastic
envelope that they go into.

Nelly in Canada looking for CAWSTONS in Essex

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> I'd love to know how others file all the family history information they
> collect for each family member. I have census sheets, GRO index sheets
> and
> various other bits and pieces and would like to know how best to file
> them.
> Any ideas would be appreciated as I have just cleared them all up from my
> lounge floor and dumped them in a pile, so thought I'd ask for your
> comments
> before tackling them again.

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