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From: "Jenny De Angelis" <>
Subject: Re: Re Access to registers
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 12:21:57 +0200
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County Record offices do not issue Civil Registration Certificates. The
Local Superintendant Regisrars Office holds the originla Registers. The GRO
only hold copies of thos registers, copies which have been made quarterly by
each District Registrars office and it is from these copies that the GRO
compile the GRO index.

If you order a certificate copy fromt he District Register office you will
be getting a copy taken from the original register but the GRO issues copies
from their copy, so you get a copy of a copy from them.

The only exception to what registers the Distric Registrars office holds is
the Marraige register, the originals are held by the church, which registers
very frequently end up in the County Record Office. As most Marriages take
place in church then the register is held by the church and the incumbent
makes a copy of the marraiges contained in his register for the District
Registrars office.

I have never been asked to include postage or an SAE with order for
certificate copies, I understood that the cost of p&p was included in the
cert. fee.

One thing I have found with District Register Offices is that if you contact
them and ask many of them will not take credit card payments but they do not
have online facitilitie for these sort of payments, you need to either phone
them with your card details or else write a letter including the those
details in it. Many offices now have e.mail addresses too, I find that if I
search on Google for say "Colchester Registrars Office" in inverted commas
as I have shown here, I quite often get up the local Register Offices
webpage their e.mail address is usually included in the contact link. Try
googling for the register office you are intersted in and see if you get

Jenny DeAngelis
> I'm puzzled by your reference to having obtained hand written BMD
> certificates - those this topic relates to - from the County Records
> offices as I wasn't aware these offices supplied these. Have the Essex
> Records Office had a policy change? If so, I'd be interested to hear from
> you how to order these from there.
> Don't see the relevence of your job or mine to this topic, a company
> accountant or an MD can be as big a dodo as anyone - as we've just proved
> :-)
> Colleen
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Steve" <>
>>I very much doubt that production and posting can be performed at the rate
>>of 1 per minute, per member of staff. Especially not at the county records
>>offices where the envelopes I have received have often been hand
>>written...breaks, like going to the loo, getting a cup of coffee/tea,
>>answering the phone, answering emails..cost of storage...cost of the
>>paper, light/heat, temperature/humidity control etc, etc, etc.
>> As an experienced company accountant, I can not see how the GRO and
>> county register offices can cover direct costs on the production of
>> certificates at GBP7 per certificate, let alone make a contribution to
>> the running costs of the buildings in use.
>> I suspect that if this were being done by a commercial enterprise we
>> would be looking at nearer GBP70 per certificate.
>> Steve
>> Colleen wrote:
>>> ----- Original Message ----- From: "Diane wynne" <>
>>>> On 07/06/06, jackycooper.clav78 <> wrote:
>>>>> I got quite hopeful a while back, having heard that reform was being
>>>>> proposed about >access to registers - but I guess getting an
>>>>> extortionate £8 (with regular increases) from family historians for
>>>>> every certificate is too tempting for the
>>>> General Register >Office to give up.
>>>> So you want the tax payers to foot the bill for your hobby?! Someone
>>>> has to process the request, find the certificate, copy it and then
>>>> post it - time and postage cost money.
>>>> I'm getting really fed up with people carping on about the costs
>>>> incurred in order to follow a hobby. I'd rather the GRO charged a lot
>>>> more and used the money to increase the government pension retired
>>>> people are expected to live on.
>>> I agree with Jacky that the charge for certificates is quite
>>> extortionate, how many requests can be processed in an hour, 60 or more,
>>> given the bulk nature of the GRO's production of these and that its all
>>> computerised now? That's about £400 per hour per staff member working on
>>> certificate production. I agree with Diane that the taxpayer should not
>>> foot the bill, but it seems to me that the GRO makes a mint on this. I
>>> do sympathise with your view re the pension, Diane, however to increase
>>> the certificate charge might be counter productive and bring less
>>> revenue into the GRO/State so there could be even less for pensions - or
>>> maybe not since the new rules will mean many of us will not live to draw
>>> a pension...
>>> Colleen
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