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Subject: Re: [Ess] 1841 Census Index help please
Date: Thu, 4 May 2006 15:25:35 EDT

In a message dated 04/05/2006 20:10:33 GMT Standard Time,

Betsy is recorded in later Censuses as being from Stebbing;
although I have been unable to trace her christening in the Stebbing Parish

Hi Andy

Have you checked the parishes around Stebbing, or the parish where her
mother grew up?

Children were not necessarily baptised in the parish in which they were born
- or may have been baptised in a non-parish church, such as an Independent
Chapel - or may not have been baptised at all (it wasn't compulsory!). It was a
requirement for certain jobs for the person to have been baptised into the
established church, but as women were not expected to become officers in the
army or to have careers in the Civil Service, for example, there wasn't the
pressure for girls to be baptised.

Often the parents would postpone a baptism until several children were due
to be baptised and they would return to the parish where the mother's (usually)
family lived so that they could have a big family reunion at the same time.
This could have been 10 or more years after the birth.

The parents may not have got on with the local parish priest for some reason
and could have had the child baptised by one in another aprish that they
felt happy with.

The place of birth in the census may not be correct. Betsy may have first
become aware of where she was living and assumed it was where she was born - she
may have been born miles away and the family moved into the Stebbing area
when she was a baby.

More questions, too few answers . . . :-)


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