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From: "Terri Brett" <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] 1841 census help please?
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 23:25:19 -0000
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Thank you, it does look a puzzle. I wonder if they had moved in from somewhere else and not found a house at the time or something.

Hi Terri

This looks complicated !!

The family, if these are they, look to be living all over Great Easton!!

These are the entries I can find:

1. Dutton Hill, Great Easton
Susan Brown, 80, Widow (crossed out), Y
Emma Seer, 3, Y

2. Dutton Hill, Great Easton
Charles Watson, 25, Baker, Y
Charles Seer, 1, Y

3. Dutton Hill, Great Easton
George Seer, 26, Ag lab, Y

4. Dutton Hill, Great Easton
Susan Seer, 23, Y (living in household of Charles Patiens? & family)

All living seperately but in same area.

I hope this is of some help!


George Seer, 25, Ag lab, Y
Susan Seer,

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