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From: "Neil Bowers" <>
Subject: RE: [Ess] 1911 Census info
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 11:40:06 -0000
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This implies that there is some requirement to digitise the census.
As far as I know there is no requirement to provide the census data either
in transcripts or digitally.
The 1901 is the only census the government has funded the
indexing/transcription/digitising for
and that was on the basis that it could be done economically.
The 1901 may have made the same process for the 1911 less likely due to the
unexpected extra work/infrastructure involved.
I suspect the prospect of doing the same thing with the 1911 is scaring the
government off ever doing it,
and from what Rod Neep has said I think the same may be true of ACDB,
Ancestry, 1837Online, Stepping Stones etc.

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From: George Carter [mailto:]
Sent: 26 February 2006 10:37
Subject: RE: [Ess] 1911 Census info

It`s seems to me that if all these problems are known know. Whoever has
the job of digitizing should have started by now. We can all remember
the problems with the 1901 census which should have been foreseen and
avoided. Surely with what is now known some of the problems could be

George Carter in Whaley Bridge
Carr in Gateshead 1770-present
CARTER in Barningham, Newsham, Darlington and Gateshead
PEARSON in Gateshead 1800s.
CARLTON from Staindrop.
WHARRIER in Gateshead 1800s
KIRWAN from Dublin
QUINN from Brosna, Kings County
FLYNN from Ballinlough, Roscommon
LUNN from Chelmsford, Essex

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From: F James [mailto:]
Sent: 26 February 2006 01:35
Subject: [Ess] 1911 Census info

Here is explanation of the 1911 census as posted to the Devon list in
January 2006. The original was by Rod Neep of Archive CD Books.

From: "Jim Parsons" <>
Subject: Fw: [DEV] 1911 Census
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2006 08:13:27 -0000

You thought you had a long wait. Read on.

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From: "Teresa Shean" <>
To: "Jim Parsons" <>
Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2006 1:11 AM
Subject: Re: [DEV] 1911 Census

> Hi Jim
> Hopefully ? The following was posted to the Sussex List last year,
> personally I'm not too hopeful that the 1911 Census will be of much
> assistance
> " 1911 is due out in 2012 only another 6 plus years to wait ....And
if you
> are really, really lucky you may find something of interest on it.
> following was posted by Rod Neep of Archive CD Books:
> Rod Neep
> 06-03-2005, 05:18 AM
> 1. The 1911 census will not be released early. Period.
> 2. When it is released, there will be problems. HUGE problems.
> The 1911 census is not like ANY other census you will have seen!
> All the censuses that you have seen so far are the census
> books. The enumerator went round every house collecting pieces of
> called householder's "SCHEDULES", and then copied them into his book.
> With the very rare exception those "schedules" are all gone. Not
> preserved. All that remain (from 1841 onwards to 1901, are the
> enumerator's books.
> Those books have several households per page. Often as many as 5 to 8
> households. You've seen what they look like.
> ***********************************************
> * Take the following from someone who *knows* *
> ***********************************************
> Now... in the case of the 1911 census - it is TOTALLY DIFFERENT.
> There are *NO* census enumerator's books!
> All that remains are the householder's SCHEDULES. A double sided
> of paper for every household. Written in different handwriting by
> head of household.
> That means that there are millions more pieces of paper involved than
> the older censuses, and they are going to be a real proverbial pain
> read. They still need sorting and classifying.
> And as if that wasn't bad enough....
> Now for the bad news.
> They are VERY incomplete. MANY are missing.
> The ones that survive are:
> rotten and smelly (literally! - I mean it)
> screwed up and dog eared
> a great number are incredibly damaged
> parts of the pages missing, torn, ragged, water stained...
> literally rotten! People who work at The National Archives
> and have offices close to them know where they are...
> They have never been microfilmed or digitised
> The cost of filming them will be about 10 times the cost of the
> filming of the 1901 enumerator's books. Many, many, many millions of
> pounds.
> And when (if!) it is all completed and filmed... every genealogist
> be complaining bitterly that they can't find their ancestors.
> And before you go blaming The National Archives for not preserving
> in better condition. It is not their fault! That's how the bundles of
> paper came to them. (By the way, have you any idea how much space is
> taken up by those millions of rotten pieces of paper!)
> Will they be release before 2011 - not a cat in hell's chance folks!
> Will they be filmed in the near future? No way.
> If and when they are released, will you complain. Absolutely YES!
> Will it make any difference complaining - No. They are what they are.
> There you go. The facts of the matter.
> England and Welsh Census Information for 1911.
> The 1911 Census records for England and Wales are subject to the
> Records Act 1958 (Instrument No 12 dated 1966), which specifies a
> period of 100 years. The records will be opened to the public in
> It was possible, following concessions announced in 1972 and 1989,
> limited information to be released from the 1901 census to direct
> descendants and next of kin for family history purposes before the
> were opened to public search. However, the concessions specifically
> referred
> to censuses prior to and including the 1901 Census and therefore did
> apply to the 1911 Census. There are no plans for a similar concession
> relating to the 1911 Census.
> A concession announced in 1993 relating to the 1911 Census is
> upon the applicant requiring the information solely in order to
> a
> legal entitlement and would only be considered where the information
> not be obtained from any other source.
> Ian White
> Census Legislation
> The office For National Statistics.

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