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From: "Colleen" <>
Subject: Re: Padlocked font covers - to keep witches out
Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 19:15:38 -0000
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Thanks for this very interesting reply, Anne. You've answered the question I
meant to ask too - how long the water was kept in the font. Why was it kept
there so long, was the tradition that holy water should only be blessed at
Easter? I bet there were countless unhealthy organisms wriggling around in
it! As you say, no wonder so many little babies died.


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From: "Anne Peat" <>
> In previous ages the blessed water was left in the font for a whole year
> ( it was often blessed at Easter - and if someone had been to the Holy
> Land and brought back some Jordan water it was especially holy. Goodness
> only knows what it was like by the end of the year - no wonder so many
> little babies didn't survive!). Therefore it had to be defended against
> misuse especially in black magic.
> You will see that some fonts have enormously heavy covers - so heavy that
> it needed a pulley system to lift it. This was another means of ensuring
> the water wasn't stolen and misused.
> For the same reason the pipe from the plug of the font goes straight down
> into the earth.
> Anne

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