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From: Robin I Morgan <>
Subject: Kursaal memories
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 22:36:52 +0000 (GMT)
In-Reply-To: <>

I never went to the Kursaal, but I did go to Dreamland
in Margate in the early fifties when we holidayed at
the Grosvenor Court Hotel at Cliftonville. At the
time I could never work out why they had bottles of
German mother's milk on the tables in wine bottles.


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> In an email dated Tue, 22 11 2005 11:18:16 am GMT,
> Robin I Morgan <> writes:
> >
> >My mother used to say she and friends drove down
> the
> >Southend Arterial to the Kursaal from North London
> in
> >her Bullnose Morris in the early thirties. She
> never
> >said what she did when she got there.
> >
> Not shown in the photos were the sideshows, such as
> 'Tip the lady out of bed', where a bored looking
> young woman in skimpy night clothes lay in bed
> (usually reading a book to relieve the boredom)
> while punters threw balls at a target. In theory, if
> the ball hit the centre of the target then the bed
> tipped and she fell out. In practice I am sure there
> was a secret switch that she pressed because no
> matter how many times I hit the centre she never
> tipped out! ;-)
> Dame Helen Mirren started her 'career' working on
> one of the side shows back in the 1960s (but nobody
> is saying which stall this was).
> There are a couple of tapes produced by Vidia
> productions (no known current contact address) where
> people (including the late Michael Bentine)
> reminisce about what they did - and what went on.
> It's probably no wonder that Robin's mother never
> said what they did. ;-)
> The tapes include 'We're going to the Kursaal' and
> 'We've all been to the Kursaal'
> DaveD

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