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From: "Katrina Jennens" <>
Subject: Re: kursaal memories
Date: Wed, 23 Nov 2005 10:11:31 +1300

Hi Listers

I started this line of thought when I mentioned that I was told my grand dad and grandmum were exceptional ball room dancers and danced frequently at the Kursaal. Perhaps I should have mentioned that I was told they were exhibition ballroom dances? Maybe they competed? I wonder if there is anything on dance competition from pre WW2?

Also I'd like to offer a few other memories that I have... I only remember visiting Southend a couple of times as a child and my memories are a little vague, but the few I have are of The Teddies at Never Never Land (I have photos of these), Riding the helter Skelta which I imagine (from the photos that were kindly relayed by Philip) must have then been sited at the Kursaal amusement park back then. The Ferris Wheel and the crooked house, which I assume was also at the Kursaal. Oh yes and I remember being greatly disappointed that I wasn't big enough to ride the roller coaster, but my brothers and sisters were able to.

One last thought.... I remember It was a huge deal to get to go to this park and a very big day out for all. When I took my children back to re-live the type of thing I did when I was a child, they really couldn't see the what the fuss was about... How times change! :-)


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