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From: "Colleen" <>
Subject: Re: Intrusive questions on Genes Reunited - I lied!
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 18:42:09 -0000
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I think I've seen that too. I suspect that it was Friends Reunited as
they've gone deathly quiet during the last year. So many of these paid sites
which start out well seem to eventually die off. Friends Reunited was a good
site during its first year when, for £5, you could get in contact with lots
of old school friends and find lots of old school pictures and anecdotes.
However, the millionaire owners made the sub annually renewable and in so
doing drove many of the early, interesting contributors off the site. They
even cut off access to the early pictures and stories which had been posted
to the site, thereby turning the site into a ghost of its former self. No
attempt was made to try to revive the membership decline by making the £5
fee a one off or by reducing the fee significantly for subsequent years. So
the site became the victim of its own over pricing. Genes Reunited isn't
exactly cheap either is it? About £9.50 for access to data that others have
freely posted?


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From: "Jean Williams" <>
> I am sure I read a few weeks ago that this site has now been sold - or was
> if Friends Reunited? The problem may well get worse if this is the case.
> Jean

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