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Subject: RE: [Ess] Re: John Mead - Boxford
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2005 00:02:26 -0000
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All again,
John helped me tremendously with updating Ian Hunters Essex Pubs
site, and added considerable depth to the site.
Now for a little story, bear with me. I am now building two new
sites - in particular, one for East London Pubs. You have no idea the
excitement generated when someone replies (off list) with a picture, or
personal details about a Pub, that can be published. I know it sounds really
sad, but it is like breaking down that brick wall in ones own genealogy
quest. Have a think about this every time you walk past an old building, or
past an area that you remember from, say 40 years ago, and picture the site
- but just wish you had an actual photograph of the place.
I think this is where John and I met common boundaries, we were
both aware that people are always searching for that memory / image /
detail. I will continue to take this forward as I don't suffer from age or
disability, so I should hopefully complete what I have the vision for.
(Drink might get me first though!)
My vision, a Free site that continues to be free, (with a bit of
advertising) and lots of continually added new information every day. No
copyright issues, but if it is available as a printed image then it is ok to
transcribe into a freely available text version and post for the world to
Pictures are the bane of my life, there are thousands of them on
the internet that I am unable to copy, therefore I won't. What is needed is
for everyone to scour their pantries/ closets / etc etc and provide pictures
/ images that are freely available to everyone. You all have old postcards /
old snap shots / old books that can be scanned. Anything, usually, over a
hundred years old is completely free of copyright.


I have seven web sites, they are all free, and will continue to be
so. If you would like to contribute to this situation, and avoid the recent
problem with the NBI (for example); then please let me know if you would
like to help.

I will hopefully see some of you at Boxford, Suffolk on the
Bless you all.

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