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From: "paul and helen" <>
Subject: Moiety for excise officers help pls.
Date: Wed, 17 Aug 2005 12:59:35 +1000

Hello Listers, hoping someone will be able to enlighten me as to the terminology used in court documents I have obtained. Both refer to seizure of spirits and tobaco. In regards to tobacco incident it states that defendent hath forfeited and lost the sum of fifty pounds and the other just refers to spirits seized. It then goes on to say " Whereupon the said excise officer humbly prays Judgement in the Premises and that he may have One Moiety of the said Forfeiture according to the form on Statute." I looked up Moiety in trusty old dictionery and it states half in legal use, one of two parts into which the thing is divided. So am I correct in assuming that the excise officer was asking the court for half of the fifty pounds and seized spirits?

Many thanks Helen

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