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From: "Patricia Graham" <>
Subject: Harwich seafarers
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 18:26:06 +0100
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Dear Essex subscribers

I have been plodding a lonely furrow - or lonely billow - amongst the
of the East coast - most particularly from HARWICH. (Though just now I
a connection to St.Osyth's and Brightlingsea.) .
Surnames involved are HARVEY - SIMS - CLARKE.
I have made some progress researching events round 1800
and thanks very much to the scrupulous researches of Hervey Benham -
particularly in 'The Salvagers' - have at length determine the precise wreck
that led
to the drowning of one of my ancestors in 1820.( I still have one later to

Do any of these surnames interest anyone else ? 'My' Harveys made a
reasonable group
in Harwich in the late 18th century - 'though they dwindle later.
I don't know how they connect to others of this name elsewhere in Essex.
SIMS definitely came from St. Osyth in the late 1700s.
All were mariners of some sort - on sailing brigs bringing in cargoes:
CLARKES were Harwich fishermen, possibly in the cod trade. I am finding
these last hardest to research - partly because of the frequency of the
(At some point they became Methodists/Wesleyans)

Has anyone else any information relating to the above ? Would be very
to share what I know.

Best regards

Patricia Graham

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