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From: "Brian Lodge" <>
Subject: Re: Re: Bombed out, then what?
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 17:05:47 +0100
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He never told me what they lost, but the irony of the story is, my mother
had been moved out of Fulbourne Road where she lived because on the corner
of Garner Road and Fulbourne Road a massive 1.5 ton bomb had landed and not
gone off. It was one of the largest to fall on London. When the Fulbourne
Road bomb was defused they all had to go and live in Fulbourne Road


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Sent: Friday, July 29, 2005 9:30 PM
Subject: Re: Re: Bombed out, then what?

> How did he cope afterwards, Brian? Did he lose eveything?
> Colleen
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> From: "Brian Lodge" <>
>> My father told me that when a bomb struck North Road in Walthamstow where
>> my mother and her father in law were he was saved by the kitchen dresser
>> falling over and covering him. Apparently when he was dug out and he
>> looked at the house there was a bed on top of the roof.
>> Regards
>> Brian
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>> Subject: [Ess] Re: Bombed out, then what?
>>> I'm surprised that so many of the people who were buried beneath the
>>> ruins of bombed buildings as our respective family were, Caroline, came
>>> out of it relatively unscathed - though some poor souls didn't, of
>>> course. My mother and grandmother said their lives were saved by a
>>> heavy, old fashioned wardrobe which remained intact and was blown on top
>>> of them and the rubble around them, making a sort of safe pocket which
>>> kept further rubble off of them. They made good furniuture in those
>>> days!
>>> Colleen
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>>> From: "Caroline" <>
>>>> My mother and grandmother were also trapped in the wreckage of their
>>>> house in Lake House Road, Wanstead after a rocket fell in the back
>>>> garden in one of the last attacks of the war. They had been sleeping in
>>>> a Morrison shelter in the kitchen just before breakfast. My mother had
>>>> been evacuated with the Post Office to Harrogate, but her elderly
>>>> mother insisted on returning to check the house and it was on one of
>>>> these occasions that the rocket hit. My 'caring' uncle packed them back
>>>> to Harrogate the same day on the train. The house was rebuilt fairly
>>>> quickly after the war and my mother (and later my father, sister and I)
>>>> lived there until 1978. It was a frequent occurrence to find bits of my
>>>> mother's china etc when digging in the garden !! Only one piece of
>>>> china - a lovely Royal Worcester vase - had remained intact after the
>>>> bomb.
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