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From: Shirley Saunders <>
Subject: Re: Wills after 1858
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 09:52:23 -0700
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Hi Jenny,
I haven't ordered any of these films so I'm not sure if it's the
right thing, however, there's a search I found of Calendar of the
grants and probate and letters of administration made, Great Britain,
Principal Probate Registry. An example for film 215221:
Vol 1A. Wills and Admins. 1858 Vol 2 Ba-Ble Wills 1858 Vol 3 Bli-Bz
Wills 1858 Vol 4 B Administrations 1858 Vol 5. Ca-Cop Wills 1858 Vol
6. Cor-Cz Wills 1858 Vol 6 C Administrations 1858

And so on running through the alphabets and through the years. I'm
not sure if this is the actual wills or if it's the index, though I'd
be surprised if it was the index because there's so (relatively)
little on each film)

Hope this helps - I'd love to know if this is indeed what you're
looking for and what's on each film!
Shirley Saunders

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At 3:42 PM +0200 22/7/05, Jenny De Angelis wrote:
>I would certainly be interested in such Will Indexes being online.
>I don't have any access to such fiche as you mention in a local
>library as I don't live in a country that was previously a British
>Colony, but in Spain. So for me anything that appears on line is a
>great help even at a fee.
>If anyone knows whether the LDS have filmed the wills indexes of the
>Soc. of Genealogists could they please let me know the relevant film
>number/s necessary or tell me what sort of search criteria I would
>need to use to search the LDS catalogue of films on line.
> The LDS here do not hold the usual Standard British items that they
>seem to hold in their centres in English speaking countries. There
>would be no call for those here, apart from the odd customer such as
>Jenny DeAngelis
>Regarding wills after 1858, the Society of Genealogists have indexes of
>>>on microfilm and these indexes often give sufficient detail ie addresses,
>>>beneficiaries and executors names etc to be of use. Personally I feel that
>>>these indexe swould benefit a lot of folks if they were viewable online. A
>>>project for the future perhaps?

Researching: CROZIER (Essex), LAWRENCE (Surrey/South London/Essex)

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