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From: "La Greenall" <>
Subject: RE: [Ess] RE: CHRISTIE - 1861 Boarding school, Harlow - Fawbert & Barnard 1 of 2
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 12:59:14 +0100
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A further thought on this paragraph; despite their being commercial
towns, there were no maltings in Waltham Abbey or Waltham Cross to speak
of, so I would suggest that Fawbert may only have resided at Waltham
Abbey (or Cross), but operated his business from maltings situated
elsewere, probably either on the Lea or Stort Navigations and nearer to
the raw material he turned into malt, and I don't see any reason why he
couldn't have operated from the Harlow Mill or Sorbo areas. In fact, if
shown to be the case, this might go some way towards explaining why he
made provision for a school in this area rather than in his home parish
- perhaps he was conscious, in the way that most philanthropic
Victorians and Georgians were, of the relatively uneducated kids he no
doubt employed in his maltings, from whom he would have made much of his
money and therefore sought to give it back in kind. His will might
reveal where his business was based.


> ... Fawbert is described as a maltster, not that
> common an occupation in either Waltham Cross or Waltham Abbey
> due to the
> lack of suitable land for growing the hops; however he could (and I'm
> only surmising) have been more of a merchant or warehouseman, what we
> would call a wholesaler, than a producer, as both these
> places were then
> very much market towns. Consequently it doesn't seem unlikely
> that as a
> farmer Barnard could have been the principal producer of Fawbert's raw
> material, which would most likely have been sent from either
> Waltham to
> London by barge down the Lea - the town of Ware a few miles
> upstream was
> then replete with maltings lining the river's banks. Old
> Harlow being on
> the Stort Navigation does beg the question why Barnard didn't send his
> malt directly to London himself; perhaps he did to a certain
> extent but
> couldn't as a grower devote as much time to 'retailing' as he
> might have
> done. But again I am only guessing wildly here.

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