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From: "Caroline" <>
Subject: Re: CHRISTIE - 1861 Boarding school, Harlow
Date: Sun, 3 Jul 2005 11:03:47 +0100
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I have just found a snippet of information - but how accurate it is I don't
know (it is from the booklet 'The Way We Worked' from the Old Harlow
Memories Group - do you have it ?). It says -

'St. Mary's College was opened in 1862 as a boarding school for boys,
although it did also take day pupiles later on. It was closed in 1964 and
the building demolished in 1965. The site is now occupied by Jocelyns'.

The woman who wrote this worked in the kitchens there in the 1930's.


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Subject: Re: CHRISTIE - 1861 Boarding school, Harlow

> Just seen this, well done for realising the school isn't old enough before
> I did, Caroline. I was thrown by the building, which is much older than
> the school, and my assumption that the school had been in that location
> for centuries. That'll teach me to make assumptions!
> Re: not having boarders, I think it may have had them in the past, I used
> to live opposite the former head master some years ago and I'm sure he
> mentioned going in at weekends to sort out the boarders - though he may
> have meant flower 'borders' I suppose :-)
> Colleen
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> From: "Caroline" <>
>> I might be wrong !! - but I don't think that St. Nicholas' has been
>> around that long - certainly not in it's current location. It isn't a
>> boarding school, just a private day school.
>> Caroline
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>> Subject: [Ess] CHRISTIE - 1861 Boarding school, Harlow
>>>I think you're In luck, Janice. All of my Harlow censuses are out on loan
>>>at present, so I tried a search on Ancestry 's 1861 census for Harlow and
>>>up popped your Edward TH Christie, born in Woolwich, still at school in
>>>Harlow aged 17. What a coincidence too, since this school is in
>>>Churchgate Street (the original, very old part of Harlow) and I live less
>>>than a minute's walk from there. There are two old schools on Churchgate
>>>Street of the period you're looking for - which I negelcted to mention
>>>in my previous posting - can you believe I forgot to tell you about
>>>schools so close to my cottage!
>>> These are: Churchgate School - St Mary's now I remember where it was! -
>>> and St Nicholas's. Here a bit of confusion sets in because I don't
>>> believe that St Mary's was ever a boarding school yet St Nicholas's
>>> was - and still is one. However, the location of the school where your
>>> Edward Christie is a pupil in in 1861 appears to have been the location
>>> of St Mary's, not St Nicholas's. I could really do with my printed
>>> censuses for this as looking at the census for village as a whole on
>>> Ancestry is awkward.
>>> Anyway, it appears that the enumerator walks along Churchgate Street
>>> (past the church on his left - lovely St Mary and St Hugh's, where your
>>> ancestors would have worshipped) to the vicarage and Vicarage Villas
>>> (still there) then on to St Mary's school which is next door - a
>>> beautiful stone building with a great, high vaulted ceiling and stunning
>>> arched windows carved from stone, just like those in the church. If the
>>> enumerator went to St Nich's after Vicarage Villas, he would have had
>>> gone in the opposite direction, I'm sure, and after the villas would
>>> have enumerated several cottages and St Nicholas's Lodge before reaching
>>> St Nich's school. Unless, that is, he walked past the cottages in
>>> between to focus on St Nich's school. St Nicholas's was and is a large
>>> school which includes a lot of accomodation, so its possible the
>>> enumerator would have needed quite a bit of time there.
>>> I imagine you'd like photos of both schools to be on the safe side? I
>>> have some old ones of St Mary's and will take some current ones. Its
>>> dark now and I have to sort out my things for a wedding I'm going to
>>> tomorrow, so will contact you with photos after that.
>>> Colleen

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