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From: Ruth Aylett <>
Subject: Re: [Ess] Of this parish
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 15:38:09 +0100
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Various things allowed you to claim settlement in a parish: one was
that you had been an apprentice there, another that you had been in
service there for a year or more, and yet another that you had paid
more than ?10 pounds a year in rent. In the absence of such evidence
your parish was that of your father. I have one case where Great Baddow
in 1841 tried to send the family of someone who had been transported
for burglary back to Barnston on the grounds that his father had been
settled there more than 50 years earlier! The father, then age 67 (!),
who had lived in Great Baddow for more than 40 years and had married
there, proved at the hearing that he had settlement in Great Baddow as

"I am about 67 years of age - I was born at Takeley in this County as I
believe -
About 52 years ago, I let myself to Mrs. Wasket who was a
widow--then residing at Barnston Hall to serve her for a year at the
wages of £5 to board and lodge in her house, to go to plough & look
after the horses - from old Michaelmas to old Michaelmas - I served the
year and received my wages - I then left Mrs. Wasket and have not let
myself or been in a place of service for a year since -
About forty two or forty three years ago I came to Great Baddow &
after living there 22 or 23 years I hired a Brick Built House with a
Garden to it, and also two Cottages near, of a Mr. Jeffries who then
lived at Horndon, at the rent of £15 a year for the whole premises -
The House had formerly been let by itself at £10 a year and the
Cottages at £4 each but Mr. Jeffries let me have the whole at £15 a
year - I occupied the house myself and underlet the Cottages to
laborers named Sewell and Brazier - I lived in the House six or seven
years - I was rated for the House the whole time and paid the rates for
it - I think it was rated at £8 but I do not now recollect exactly -
The whole of the Rates and Taxes for the premises I occupied came to
about £3 for the year - I paid the rent of £15 for the whole of the
premises to Mr. Jeffries in half yearly payments for about seven years
I have done nothing since then to gain a settlement."

Great Baddow seem to have made a habit of this: they'd already tried to
send another of this guy's sons back to Barnston 12 or 13 years
earlier, and had lost on appeal from Barnston. Didn't stop them trying
it the second time though: perhaps they hoped that the father would be
too old to make the case again.

The parallels with modern day immigration policy are very striking of


> Another aspect of 'being of the parish' touches upon the recent
> postings
> on settlement examinations as well; once the parish authorities had
> formally accepted someone from another parish into their own fold, as
> usually decided in a settlement examination and formally recorded in a
> settlement certificate, then that person became 'of this parish'. Of
> course, there were at least as many 'removal orders' made, where the
> 'invading foreigner' was booted out! Sounds a bit like the EU, where
> some of the more affluent member-countries don't like the old Eastern
> Bloc countries signing up, for fear of their purses developing unwanted
> leaks.
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