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From: "Lindy Kershaw" <>
Subject: Essex Ancestors - where did yours live?
Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 09:45:34 +0100

I just wish I could trace them?

My maternal grandmother Florence came from Southend, but there is a problem
with finding the family, She was BENSON, she said her father was Richard!
No trace of him what so ever! The only family that seems to fit, names,
ages etc, was one with a father Henry...even him I cannot find with the
family at home! He was a mariner! I have not as yet been able to visit
Essex, well not since I was a child!

Florence married name was MAY, they came from Wiltshire, that has been very
satisfying, I have visited the village, seen the house, seen my g-g-g
grandfathers 'original' will 1838, held it in my hand. And been able to
trace the family back to 1635!

But it is soooooo frustrating when you cannot make the other links!

Ha! I have family links from Kent, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire,
Staffordshire, all migrated to London in the mid/late 1800's.

But I am still claiming my heritage from Essex, as the genes come down from
mother to daughter! So they say!! :-)))


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> Can I ask other listers where your ancestors came from - and if
> you've visited these places?
> My SORRELL ancestors came from Steeple Bumpstead and Helions Bumpstead
> before migrating south to Walthamstow. We visited these villages last
> year. I was also born in Walthamstow 1957 before moving to Epping at
> the ripe old age of three months and moving on to Ipswich when i
> married in 1981. Other ancestors come from Newton Toney in Wiltshire
> before moving north to Bethnal Green others originate in
> Edmonton/Tottenham.
> Robin

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